About Us



Back in 2008 our project manager Eric Odom began working with open source software and networked blog hosting environments. A platform was developed that hosted 20 bloggers, many of whom have gone on to become very influential voices in the liberty movement. One of those bloggers is now a featured writer at Breitbart.com, for example. Others have gone on to gain employment in various companies through the conservative media world.

That platform served as an idea incubator that, over time, was cleaned up, simplified, modernized and brought into the next generation of cloud computing powered publishing applications. What began as a testing ground for bloggers to document their opinions is now a digital powerhouse.

Libertycube.com is a member of the Grassfire family. It joins sites like crowdfunding platform Rallybuilder.com in an ambitious and aggressive effort to combat globalists control over our online world.

Libertycube.com exists to help nurture liberty minded ideas, opinions and content publishing while removing the fear of globalist censorship.